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Welcome to PhillyMINI

Hi there!  So happy you found us!

Who are we?  We are a MINI Cooper club, established in 2003, we are one of the oldest MINI Cooper clubs in the US.  We have members from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (and even New York) and offer MINI owners a place to connect and do what MINIs do and have fun!  
Feel free to take a look around as this website contains all the info you need.  

We are a very active club with rallies and dinners throughout the year so check out our "Upcoming Events" below. You can participate even if you are not a member for a small fee, so come join us....
we would love to meet you!

Even if you were a member last year and want to renew for the 2018 / 2019 rally season, you must sign-up again as if you were a new member.  You are welcome to use your old login and password when you sign-up.  We did not bring any of that information over to the new system.


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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Cancel registration for an event
Cancel registration for an event

How do I un-register from an event?


You can un-register or cancel your attendance at an event that you previously registered for by going to Profile (click on your name in the upper right corner) --> then under Financial /Historical Data select Event History and clicking on the trashcan with an "x" next to the event you want to cancel. 

If you need to cancel a non-member's attendance, please send an email to with the non-member's name and event.   


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How do I register and/or pay for my family members if the event requires it?
How do I register and/or pay for my family members if the event requires it?

When an event allows you to bring family members along that aren't PhillyMINI members and sometimes requires a payment for those attending (like the PhillyMINI Members Meeting), you can register these members by following this process: 

  • Logout of the system (Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Logout),
  • Select Event Calendar and then the event. 
  • You can then select the Register Now button.  Because you are not logged in, it will prompt you for the non-member's name.  Enter the name of your guest and select Next

Unfortunately, you will have to register each non-member guest like this and pay for each (if a fee is involved) separately.  This is the way this new platform recognizes attendees. 

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Contact Us

Need to contact us? 

PO Box 313
Willow Grove, PA 19090