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Welcome to PhillyMINI

Hi there!  So happy you found us!

Who are we?  We are a MINI Cooper club, established in 2003, we are one of the oldest MINI Cooper clubs in the US.  We have members from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (and even New York) and offer MINI owners a place to connect and do what MINIs do and have fun!  
Feel free to take a look around as this website contains all the info you need.  

We are a very active club with rallies and dinners throughout the year so check out our "Upcoming Events" below. You can participate even if you are not a member for a small fee, so come join us....
we would love to meet you!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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2019 PhillyMINI Calendar Entries
2019 PhillyMINI Calendar Entries
Calling all PhillyMINI Shutterbugs!

All year, we've snapped great photos - now's the time to share them! We are now accepting submissions for the PhillyMINI 2019 Wall Calendar!

Purchasing a calendar is a great way to reminisce about past events, while looking forward to new PhillyMINI events in '19. 

The PhillyMINI Calendar isn't about professional-quality photographs. Don't have fancy lenses and expensive equipment? It's okay! The PhillyMINI Calendar is about local MINIacs sharing their experiences and love of our little cars. So dig out your two favorite pics from 2018.

Calendar details:

  • Must be a PhillyMINI Member in order to submit a photo
  • Standard size wire-bound flip calendar
  • Members will choose their favorite 10 photos; the 12 photos with the most votes will feature in the calendar

File Requirements:

  • Photo file size should be at least 500KB but must be no more than 10MB
  • Must be of high quality - suitable for printing at 8"x10" or larger

    (For example, a photo taken at the highest setting from a 4-megapixel camera would be acceptable)

  • JPG or PNG file format (no RAW image format, please)
  • Landscape or Portrait format accepted, although Landscape works best. (Exact calendar photo size is 3375 x 2625 pixels (11.25" x 8.75" at 300 dpi), but you don't need to crop or resize your photos to fit these dimensions; a black background will fill out unused photo space as needed.

Photo Content Requirements:

  • Must include one or more MINI/Minis; we're looking for creativity and originality

  • Keep your photos "G" rated, please!

  • No portraits of driver/passenger with/near/in MINI/Mini

  • Preferred to be shot in 2018, but not required
  • Winning photos from previous years will not be accepted

Submitting Your Photos:

  • Please limit your submissions to no more than two photos

  • Either you or a family member must have taken the photos. If another member has taken a photo of your MINI and you'd like it submitted for voting, the other member (as owner of their photography) must submit it under their name, and it counts as 1 of the 2 calendar photos they may submit each year.

  • If you are emailing your photos from a smartphone, please make sure your phone isn't set to automatically shrink the size of outgoing attachments
  • Please include your first name, last name, and forum name when emailing your photos

Email your 2 best photos to

Questions or comments can be posted in the Discussion Forums in the MINI Chatter forum!


All photos for the calendar must be submitted no later than Friday, 11/2/2018. Photos received after that will not be accepted.

Member Voting will be open for at least 1 week starting the week of 11/5/18. The 12 photos receiving the most votes will be featured in the 2019 PhillyMINI Wall Calendar!


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Cancel registration for an event
Cancel registration for an event

How do I un-register from an event?


You can un-register or cancel your attendance at an event that you previously registered for by going to Profile (click on your name in the upper right corner) --> then under Financial /Historical Data select Event History and clicking on the trashcan with an "x" next to the event you want to cancel. 

If you need to cancel a non-member's attendance, please send an email to with the non-member's name and event.   

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How do I register and/or pay for my family members if the event requires it?
How do I register and/or pay for my family members if the event requires it?

Following the latest updates to Club Express, only the Driver (either PhillyMINI Driver or non-member Driver) will need to register for the drive portion of the rally.  This will give us an accurate count on the cars attending the event. 

If the rally includes a restaurant afterwards, and a headcount or payment is required, then a second registration will be posted and the Driver (either PhillyMINI Driver or non-member Driver) can add themselves and guests to that registration.  (The PhillyMINI Driver can also add their PhillyMINI Navigator by name during this registration.  It's no longer required to logout and login as the Navigator to register)  This will give us an accurate count on the post-rally meal attendees. 

Pre-payment for the event or restaurant, should it be required, will be part of the registration process. 

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Contact Us

Need to contact us? 

PO Box 313
Willow Grove, PA 19090