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PhillyMINI is a non-profit corporation and was founded in 2003. Since our founding, we have had nearly 2,400 registered users of our forums and have around 325 members per year.

Our mission is to provide safe, fun motoring and dining events that give MINI and Mini owners the opportunity to network. We host approximately 25 events per year.


Club Officers and Leadership


Prime MINIster: Tracy Krapf

Deputy Prime MINIster:  Barry Meyer
MINIster of Membership: Avery Brown
MINIster of Finance: Ron Lobb
MINIster of Logistics: Josh Markovitz, 
MINIster of Technology: Greg Bilton
MINIster of Social Media: Vinnie Funelas
MINIster Emeritus: Joe Montante

Contact Information

PO Box 313
Willow Grove, PA 19090


Why are there dues?

You don’t need to buy a membership to attend our events but some of them carry a small non-member fee and require an event liability waiver. Why? We offer goody bags, route sheets, music playlists, and other amenities for which there is overhead for the club. We charge dues because, as a non-profit corporation, PhillyMINI has overhead costs such as insurance, venue rental fees, catering, and other event components that require deposits. Dues give us the opportunity to provide an exemplary experience for all of our members and guests.  Each year, PhillyMINI secures discounts for its members with dealers and vendors. In nearly every case, those discounts save our members more money than they spend on the dues.

How do I attend an event?

Registration opens about two weeks prior to each event. Sometimes registration opens even earlier for larger events.  Events are listed in the Event Calendar, and through social media. Once you’re registered to use the forums, simply use the Event Calendar feature to register for an event.   

If an event limit has been reached and you would like to attend an event, simply check back regularly. Others may cancel at any time and open spots in an event.  Starting with the 2018 rally season, there will be no more waiting lists, so it will be important to check the event as the date gets may find someone drops out and you are in! 

I've never been to an event. What do I need to know?

Our events are not speed-time-distance events. They are follow-the-leader style motoring events. Each event post contains a list of things to bring, such as snacks, any required entrance fees for locations we might visit, a picnic lunch, FRS radios (there are always extras you can borrow if you don’t own one yet). A full tank of gas and a sense of adventure are a prerequisite!

Why do rallies have maximum number of cars?

For a variety of reasons, all of our rallies have a maximum number of cars. The longer the line of cars, the more often we need to stop and re-queue. No one enjoys sitting in traffic so we do our best to determine the maximum number of cars that will safely be able to navigate the route while still having fun. Restaurants and parking areas also play a role, as their size can often determine the number of people / cars that can be accommodated.

I have an idea! How do I plan an event?

There are lots of ways to be involved! You can become a rally master and plan an event after you’ve been a member for one full year. But sometimes you don’t want to wait that long or there’s a really great event you want to share! Sometimes you want to do something spontaneous with MINI owners in your area, meet up for a movie or dinner, or plan your own drive. After all, making new friends is part of the fun of MINI ownership and we encourage that! We have a U-Plan-It section of the forum where you can post your event. We just ask that it not conflict with any club-hosted event so contact an officer if you need help!

I joined the forum but my navigator wants to join in the fun, too!

That’s great news! Frequently, a spouse, friend, partner or other individual will become a frequent guest of a MINI (or Mini) owner and will want to join in the fun. We have a special Navigator membership available at a discounted rate. They can also join the forums as a navigator.

What’s with car club culture anyway?

Vehicles have never been more pedestrian than they are today. Our relationship with our cars can be an excellent metaphor for how we approach life. So many people just idle by while others paint in vibrant colors, make the ordinary extraordinary, or seek to make it faster and louder. MINI Cooper owners come in all shapes and sizes and PhillyMINI is just as diverse as the owners. We are made up of families, modders, weekend warriors, mechanics, lovers of adventure, and those who like to see new places. We embrace everyone equally and whatever you’d like to do with your MINI, whether you mod it, tune it, or just love to drive it, you will find friendly, like-minded people here.