As a sister event to the PhillyMINI In The Mountains Run on Saturday October 7th, we will be giving you a reason to stay till Sunday by planning the seventh running of the PhillyMINI to Harvey’s Lake Run!

If you wish to attend all events for the weekend, you must RSVP in four places. You are RSVPing for each rally and each dining event separately.

Date: Sunday, October 8, 2017
Meet: 10:00am – 11:00am
Location: Our meetup location is just off the Bear Creek / Wilkes-Barre exit ramp, exit #105 of PA 476 North or “the Northeast Extension”. The same meeting spot as Saturday’s PMITM Run.

About The Rally:
This will be an easy and relaxed 2-3 hour run up to the lake for lunch at Joe’s Grotto Pizza (yes DE/MD folks, it started here!) We will be stopping at Braces Orchard and they will be making cider donuts!

What to Bring:
• A FULL tank of petrol. There are NO scheduled petrol purchase stops along the route.
• Your camera equipment. There will be abundant scenery to photograph.
• Sunscreen
• Bug spray
• Two Way Radio
• A respect for Mother Nature, the local residents and the changing roadways.

$2.00 for the official PhillyMINI To Harvey’s Lake button.
$4.00 for the official PhillyMINI To Harvey’s Lake cling.
$5.00 rally fee for non-members
Cash for lunch and incidentals

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Maximum Number of Cars: 60
Host: Joe Montante, o6 MCS TB/S with JCW GP Kit, GP0411


Let’s motor to the mountains! 

It’s time for the 13th Annual PhillyMINI in the Mountains Rally!

Thirteen years… And we are doing the Classic Route again!

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017
Meet: 8:00am to 9:00am
Location: Our meetup point is just off the Bear Creek / Wilkes-Barre exit ramp, exit #105 of PA 476 North or “the Northeast Extension”

This run takes place in five stages. Keep reading…

Stage One (45 miles):
Tackle the humbling Giant’s Despair Hill Climb, over Laurel Mountain, across the Susquehanna River, up the very twisty Bunker Hill Road, and through the Back Mountain to a rest stop at the Tunkhannock Burger King.

Stage Two (45 miles):
Motor up winding Sugar Hollow Road to the sweeping Route 87 and stop for lunch at World’s End State Park. Relax and eat lunch on the rocks of a mountain stream.

Stage Three and Four (40 miles):
Enjoy a leisurely lap around Eaglesmere Lake, view the Victorian lake houses, stop to visit the Eaglesmere Air & Car Museums and then proceed to Rickett’s Glen State Park to explore Adams Falls, the 37-foot-high waterfall at the base of Rickett’s Glen, or have a late afternoon snack streamside!

Stage Five:
Motor down mountain roads towards Wilkes-Barre where a few more twisties will finish off the run with a resounding “WooHoo”.

The Final Stage (Dinner at New Location – see below):
We will have our dinner at Cafe 315 VERY close to the Hotels..

What to bring:

  • A FULL tank of petrol. The total run is about 185 miles long and there are NO scheduled petrol purchase stops along the route.
  • Packed lunch, late afternoon snacks and drinks for the day. There are NO scheduled food purchase stops along the route.
  • Your camera equipment. There will be abundant scenery to photograph.
  • Swimming gear if you plan to take a chilly dip. Keep in mind that it will be Autumn, so you may want to bring your nerve.
  • Proper footwear is recommended. You can easily take the short hike at the bottom of Ricketts Glen to see the 36 foot high Adams Falls, but it is much better with that “right pair of shoes”.
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Two Way Radio
  • A respect for Mother Nature, the local residents, and the changing roadways.


  • $2 for a button
  • $5 for a cling
  • $5 entrance fee (non-members only)
  • Cash for lunch, dinner and incidentals

NOTE: This rally is free for PhillyMINI members who show their Membercard/lanyard at the rally check in. Non-members pay a $5 rally fee..
If you wish to attend all events for the weekend, you must RSVP in all four places.
Here you are RSVPing for the mountain rally ONLY. See the other post for the lake run and meals.

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Maximum Number of Cars: 60
Host: Joe Montante, o6 MCS TB/S with JCW GP Kit, GP0411


2017 Fall Cooper Cup – “Crossing Pikes” The DelCO / ChesCO Rally

Team Satchmo invite you to participate in the Fall Cooper Cup of 2017.

Unlike other follow-the-leader style rallies, the Cooper Cup is a motoring scavenger hunt. Your hosts will provide you with a route to follow while you answer questions. The team with the most correct answers is deemed the winner and receives the honor of planning the next one (Spring 2018). If the winner is unable (due to life changes, etc.), the second place team will take the reins.

What to Expect

At the start point, you will receive motoring instructions (directions) and the questions to answer. Once you are released from the parking lot, you have 3 hours to arrive at the end point and turn in your answers. Yes, there is lunch (typical restaurant at a typical price point) at the end.

Helpful Tips
Just like life, this event is what you make of it. You can take first place at the end of a frustrating day or have a blast and be Dead Last. “Success” is how you define it.
 Speed may get you to the end but will not help you win.

Don’t feel bad about making a wrong turn. The directions may require some thought and effort to follow.
 Just take your time….Read the directions carefully and pay attention to how questions are worded.

Choose your teammate wisely.
 A navigator is REQUIRED. It will not be possible to read these directions while driving and answering questions.
 No, we can’t tell you where it ends. To do so would be to ruin the competition.

Start: Wawa, 970 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342 {MAP}
Meet up time: 9:00
Drivers meeting: 9:15
End: Somewhere in DelCO or ChesCO 🙂

What to Bring
• Full tank of gas
• Cash for lunch (think typical restaurant pricing)
• Your navigator or driver, as the case may be
• Pencil (preferred) or pen
• Clipboard or something upon which to lean
• GPS / navigational aids / smart phones are permitted
• A keen sense of direction and clarity of vision

Hosts: John Bassler, Jr, Theodore Bassler and Noah Bassler – Any questions on the rally, please contact John.

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PhillyMINI MINI Club Membership


Get Your 2017 PhillyMINI Memberships Here!

The 2017 PhillyMINI motoring season is almost here, and there’s so much fun to be had at PhillyMINI. But first you will want to join!

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Questions? Contact:

PhillyMINI is the area’s premier MINI-enthusiast, non-profit motoring club, established on July 25, 2003. We do rallies, dinners, movies, lunches, charitable events, and spur-of-the-moment adventuring. We have a strong web presence on Facebook, forums, and more!

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and more…

Discounts at many vendors! Check back for the full list coming soon.

PhillyMINI Calendar

Schedule of Upcoming Events

The 2017 rally season is upon us…

09 – Jersey Fresh Rally
22 – Iron Boot

07 – PhillyMINI at the Movies
13 – Spring Cooper Cup
20 – Silverball Rally

03 – Cars of England Event
10 – Knoebels
24 – Covered Bridge Rally

15 – Renegade
29 – Salty –n- Sweet

13 – PhillyMINI Meet
26 – M&M Rally (PhillyMINI Hosts) tentative

03 – Union Jack
09 – Detail Day
23 – Fall Cooper Cup

07-08 MINIs on the Mountains
14 – MINIs Go A Haunting

04 – Parks Rally
18 – Squirrel!

02 – Deck the MINIs

To RSVP for any of these events, please visit the calendar on the forum here.

PhillyMINI Members also create unique events, you can find these in the U-Plan-It section of our forums.

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PhillyMINI is a non-profit corporation and was founded in 2003. Since our founding, we have had nearly 2,200 registered users of our forums and have around 325 members per year.

Our mission is to provide safe, fun motoring and dining events that give MINI and Mini owners the opportunity to network. We host approximately 25 events per year.

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