PhillyMINI and MINI of Allentown Present
The Great Photo Challenge


Let’s capture more than bugs in our grille! Let’s look at life through a lens!

Let’s go on a photo scavenger hunt with friends!

Here’s how it works:

1) Grab your smart phone and use a QR Code Reader to download the app. You can also search for it in your app store as “Scavenger Hunt with Friends.” It’s available for both Apple and Android devices!
2) The name of the hunt and the password will be presented at the event. At that time, you will enter the name of the hunt and the password into the app and click “Join Hunt.”

3) You will follow the clues on an adventure through the Allentown area, uploading as many pictures as you can before you run out of time!

About the Event

Start Point: MINI of Allentown, 4600 Crackersport Road, Allentown PA [MAP]
Date: April 27, 2014
Meet up time: 9:30 a.m.
Start time: The password will be unveiled at the drivers’ meeting at 10:15 a.m.

About the Challenge / Rules

You will work in teams (YES! You need a navigator for this one!). Nominate one person in your car to be the photographer / app user. Only one entry / app user per car. Remember, you’re working as a team!

You will receive an envelope at check in which will contain the password, rules, and a hard copy of the clues. The envelope must remain sealed until you are instructed to open it. Then use the password to enter the photo hunt in the app. You will see a list of more than 30 things to photograph. Travel through the area, snapping photos that fulfill the clues!

Your MINI must appear in each photo. So, for example, if the challenge says “A photo of grumpy cat,” you must go out, find grumpy cat, and photograph your MINI with him.

No screen shots, snap snots, screen grabs. No photos of photos, televisions, or computer screens. Some clues will be obvious, and some may require a little creativity! Unlike the Cooper Cup, you will have to exit the vehicle. Safety is of the utmost importance. Do not park or stand directly in the line of traffic. Common sense will be necessary.

The app will keep track of your score as you upload photos for each challenge. Ties will be broken by the rally master. Upload your photos as you go.

There is a time limit! You probably won’t find all 30+ clues but snap as many as you can find within the three hour time limit and then come back to MOA for an awesome lunch from the grill while prizes are awarded! The app will automatically stop working at 1:15.

The winning team will receive a $20 gift certificate each to the MINI of Allentown boutique! The second and third place teams will win $10 gift certificates each. (Limit two winners per car.)

THIS IS NOT A RACE! Some clues are worth more than others, in terms of point value. It will be nearly impossible to complete all of the clues anyway. So strategy is important here. The competitive among you might find it useful to convene with your teammate before departure for a bit of strategery.

(Disclaimer: You must drive / park / stop safely. Data charges may apply depending on your phone plan – that’s up to you to determine. If no one in your car has a smart phone, you can use another digital device and show us the pics when you get back but that’s kind of a pain so try to find a nav with a smart phone if ya can. :) )

Things to bring

  • Smart phone or other digital camera device
  • Navigator
  • Snacks and drinks
  • GPS or other navigational aids (strongly recommended – you can use it on the challenge and it will help you return to MOA on time.)
  • Sense of adventure!

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MINI Takes The States



MINI Takes The States registration for 2014 is now open! Click here to register for the events and dates of your choosing! You can register each human in your party for $45. Birds, dogs, cats, and reptiles are free.

Those staring in Memphis will be glad to hear that the evening’s entertainment venue has its own goat. The Chicago evening event location has homemade strawberry poptarts on its menu. Cleveland will definitely rock.  And you can’t get much closer to the coast than the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. It’s a stop you’ll never forget.

So let’s chase the sunrise. Let’s spend the dog days of summer on an epic journey. Let’s get ready to motor.


2014 PhillyMINI Memberships


The 2014 PhillyMINI motoring season is here, and there’s so much fun to be had at PhillyMINI, but first you will want to join!

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Within 48 hours, you will receive an email with a link to download and print your membership forms. If you purchase a membership and return your forms by March 23rd, you can claim your badge and membership kit at the 2014 Member Meeting!


MINIs on Top – 6/21/14


Registration for MINIs on Top is now open! This national event, now in its 12th running, takes you to the top of Mount Washington.

Visit their site here for registration details.


Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix – 7/11-7/20

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Every year, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix selects a car to be honored as the Marque of the Year. MINI will be the honored Marque of the 2014 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. MINIs of all years will be featured throughout all 10 days of the event!

Visit their website here for event details!

A full week of events is scheduled but the main events will be taking place on the weekend of July 19-20.


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We have your MINI covered from boot to bonnet with this list of great local and web retailers. From national events and forums to magazines, podcasts and sellers of stubby antennas, this list contains everything you need to customize your MINI and keep it running like new.


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