Memberships are now closed for the 2016 PhillyMINI Motoring Season. “Why,” you ask? November marks the point in the season where we begin to slow down for winter and start planning for the next year. With fewer events, there is not enough return on the investment for us to accept your membership dollars.

But fear not. Our forums never close. You can join in the fun and register for the forum here and join us in our Facebook group. Dinners and other get-togethers still happen in the winter months and we would love to meet you.

Memberships for the 2017 motoring season will open in late February, 2017, about a month before the Member Meeting.

PhillyMINI Calendar

Schedule of Upcoming Events

There are no remaining motoring events in the 2016 season. Dinner events, however, happen all year long.

To RSVP for any of these events and view events after this date, please visit the calendar on the forum here.

PhillyMINI Members also create unique events, which you can find in the U-Plan-It section of our forums.

Monthly Dinners

Want to host a dinner that fits any of these themes? Click the region below to message your ambassador! (Click here for more details.)

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New JerseyBucks County, PAChester County and the Mainline, PAMontgomery County, PABethlehem, PA

Upcoming Dinner Themes

Dec 14: Mediterranean

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PhillyMINI Community Calendar

From car shows to cars and coffee, the communities we live in are supercharged with events.  We can’t possibly get to them all but below will be some community event highlights that might interest the MINI minded when a PhillyMINI event isn’t the best show in town.

If you know of an event or place that might be of interest, email me at  Make sure to provide a link to the event so I can check it out and add it to the calendar.

Make sure to check back often to see what is happening.

Many of the links are to the event Facebook page.

  • Sunday, November 6, 2016:  Minis Take Bucks County, hosted by Elmer Bean, Washington Crossing, PA.  9:30A-2P.  Info here.

Why scour the web looking for great resources for your MINI? If you’re a Philly-area MINI owner, look no further!

Click here to visit our MINI Cooper Resources page!

We have your MINI covered from boot to bonnet with this list of great local and web retailers. From national events and forums to magazines, podcasts and sellers of stubby antennas, this list contains everything you need to customize your MINI and keep it running like new.

PhillyMINI is a non-profit corporation and was founded in 2003. Since our founding, we have had nearly 2,200 registered users of our forums and have around 325 members per year.

Our mission is to provide safe, fun motoring and dining events that give MINI and Mini owners the opportunity to network. We host approximately 25 events per year.

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